The first industrialized mobile billboard made in Holland. The Trotter is available in different sizes and can stand almost anywhere. The fact that the billboard is placed “on” the ground, instead of “into” the ground makes it extremely flexible, and perfect for temporary signage.

Trotter Large

Screensize 335 x 230 cm.

Trotter Portrait

Screensize van 170 x 230 cm.

Trotter Landscape

Screensize van 230 x 170 cm

Trotter Small

Screensize 95 x 155 cm.


The Trotter has proved to be the best solution for outdoor advertising. As it grew with the world trend of mobility combined with flexibility. This mobile billboard reaches any audience, at any place, at any time. Officially established in 2012, Trotter.eu is a subsidiary of Imagebuilding.com, a dutch company that created the first industrialized mobile billboard, in different sizes up to 8M2. After a success in the Netherlands, Trotter.eu started growing internationally and is now available in several countries, and is still growing thanks to local partners and new branches.


  • Print changes possible at any time
  • Fits in any scenery due to its sophisticated design
  • Integrated lighting
  • Vandalism proof
  • 2 sides
  • Adjustable in height
  • Period of placement is up to you, from day to years

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